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my braindump on the internet



August 20th, 2008

Clickyclicky on the picture. Is much better in larger size. *big evil grin*

June 25th, 2007

kitty pix!

Here's Julius!

June 10th, 2007

One small life saved


November 28th, 2006

“Inhabitants of Planet Houston. Slaves of Zod. It has come to my attention that many of you have been preparing to celebrate a human emotion known as ‘Love’. I have heard that this celebration is called ‘Valentine's Day’ and that it is filled with all sorts of unnecessary luxuries that I did not give you permission to enjoy…First there is the exchange of ‘flowers’, a most peculiar ritual…Why is it that you choose to give your loved ones the carcasses of befallen vegetation?…Then there is the issue of chocolate.”

kneel before zod

July 29th, 2006

they printed it!

or at least posted it on the website; i don't subscribe to the roseville press-tribune.

letter to the editor

what's really cool is that it was posted first, and the subject was used as the headline for the column. whoooofuckinghoooo!! i feel so powerful, but really, it's fadda auros who wrote the bulk of it. the first and last paragraph are mine; the meat of it is his. and earlier tonight when i was at the bank, a woman in a beat up pickup with angelides for governor stickers and other lefty/anti-bush ones had pulled into the parking lot as i was leaving. i slowed down and yelled out the window, "i love your bumper stickers!!" and gave her two big thumbs up. she yelled back, "thank you! it's nice to hear it!"

i keep hearing that in the top congressional districts around the country that are in play this time, that polls are trending democrat in ever increasing numbers. i'm hoping against hope that we get a chance to take back at least the house this time, if not both houses of congress. the threat of vote tampering/theft is a real one, and in more than just ohio and florida. it's the one thing about the upcoming election that still has me scared shitless. is it too late to ask for UN election observers for november?

May 13th, 2006

this being off work has me on a fuuuunky sleep schedule. i'm not totally nocturnal because i'm sleeping off and on no matter what time of the day or night it is. however, i'm heading to bed soon since both myself and the cat have had our medicine, and i've found a place to go for mother's day brunch. i'll set my clock for a decent time to get up and then i'll call the restaurant to make reservations and call the stepdon to let him know what i've found. i can always cancel the reservations if we decide to go elsewhere.

random: i'm really liking having grown out my bangs. they haven't quite got to the same length as the rest of my hair but it's long enough to pull back into a pony tail.

random: i have a big ole geek crush on dr bob brier, the egyptologist. i'm watching a series called 'pyramids, mummies, & tombs' thats on the discovery times channel (it's why i'm up at 4am), and he's the presenter guy. he's a true geeky academic, in love with his subject and passionate about it. to the point that in the middle of a bit about nubian kings and their pyramids, when he was in a museum that had something he thought was cool he has the camera follow him and he gave a short explanation about the item, then went on with his subject of nubians. i love that. plus, he's got a rockin' bronx accent. *grin* [added a few minutes later, diff program] oh, and he tells horrible jokes, and i love horrible jokes. of a mummy that is one of the first to have its brain removed: "he was a no-brainer." i love that!

random: the cats have been romping the past 15 min or so as i've been writing this; at one point, sergei walked up to umbie and then just jumped over her, as if he had springs in his silly little feet. then, he and marley began chasing each other around the living room and down the regular 'racetrack' of the hallway and my bedroom, or the spare room. sily dorks.

random: i need to add some user pix, but i don't want to use only photos. anyone have info on where i can go to find some of the cool icons y'all have?

random: i want to wash my down comforter. is this possible or do i have to take it to a dry-cleaners?

May 9th, 2006


on headbangers ball right now in-studio is a band called Wicked Wisdom. the singer is none other than jada pinkett smith, will smith's wifeypoo. i didn't really like the song of theirs that was played a few minutes ago while i was typing my other post, but it's pretty darn cool that she's into metal. talk about a minority among a minority: there's a lot more women-led metal bands now than ever before, and more metal bands with blacks/hispanics/south asians/pretty much anybody other than white guys, but you don't see many african-american female-led metal bands. i like seeing it. the rap/hip-hop world is becoming more diverse in both performers and audience but the metal world isn't at the same level.

i can't wait till our society is diverse enough that no matter your skin color you can find a music niche that suits you.
yay - i found headbangers ball showing on MTV2. boo - even as much as i love metal, it's a little bittersweet because it reminds me of chris. and zilla. other than progpower, i'm not sure where to meet metal guys here other than shows...i guess i ought to dig up the website for The Boardwalk, the local metal club. it's out here in darkest suburbia near me, so it would be a snap to get there and back. i'm not afraid to go to shows alone, so...hrm. i may have to look into that.

[evil thought only jaime will understand]
i just remembered that last year at progpower good ole norman gave me his business card...i suppose if i was desparate i could call him up since he's in the bay area. however, i keep reminding myself that he slept with beth(leopard) and that just squicks me the hell out. 'acourse he also fucked metalrose and probably her friend, too, and countless others...see, i've talked myself out of it. *sigh* it's too bad, really. norm's a pretty good-looking guy, but he's got a really bad case of singer's disease (means he thinks the world worships his ass the way he does) and he'll fuck anything (see: beth[leopard]). gah.

i could use a nice meaty guy to get rough and enthusiastic with; as pushy and aggressive as i can be the rest of the time , in bed i want a guy to be assertive and almost man-handle me. at least most of the time...soft and tender is okay once in awhile. however, i haven't the faintest idea when that will come back into my life. 'specially since i'm picky and want an intelligent metalhead: smart people make better lovers. that's one way i'm so spoiled by the guys i've been with since i left the ex. the best ones i met through my friends (a WONDERFUL filter, by the way :)), so it was pretty much a given they'd be above average. i won't have that filter at the local rock show, so...meh.

i suppose it's a good sign that i'm feeling more antsy about things like meeting someone. i'm still nowhere near where i would like to be before i meet anyone, so i'm just gonna keep working on that..but i might add some extra-curricular outings to expand my social horizons.

May 8th, 2006


i have downloaded firefox. it is good. yay! now what i'm trying to figure out how to get my old netscape bookmarks from my old machine to the laptop. since the old machine ain't hooked up to the 'net i'm going to have to save it to 3.25 disc. grr. oh well...i'll figure it out.

[a while later...]
whoohooo! i'm not as dumb as i thought i was! i was able to copy the bookmarks over to the disc and got them uploaded to firefox. gods, i'm so happy to have tabbed browsing again. i hated having to open a new browser every time i wanted something, plus the security issues with IE...ah, no. i asked auros about it real quick-like when he and xta were here, and i had been forgetting to do the download. ahhh...feels good to have all my bookmarks back. i'll integrate the ones that aren't dupes and delete the rest: i like to keep an organized bookmark list.

in other news, marley still hates me. it saddens me that he shies away from my hand now when i go to pet him under the chin. *sniffle* i hate having this medicine thing between us, because i've never had to do something like this to him before and he really isn't happy with it. i'll have to take introducing teeth-brushing very. very. slowly. i'll do a lot of bribing since he's food-oriented. tonight after i gave him his meds, i let him get over the worst of it and then offered some feline greenies to him. he accepted them, then i left him alone again. i didn't want to push it with him, and i know he'll get over it and come sleep with me once i go to bed. despite the medicating, i've been waking up to having a large stripey cat curled up next to my arms or under my chin.
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